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I blend my passion for emerging technologies with a hands-on approach to business, creating SaaS AI solutions that excel.

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A T-Shaped Professional: Technical Expert, Entrepreneurial Generalist.

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Breaking barriers with AI

In my latest venture, Arana AI, I’m pushing the frontiers of accessibility by developing AI-driven solutions tailored for the blind and visually impaired. This project reflects my deep commitment to social responsibility, showcasing how technology can be a force for inclusivity and empowerment. Arana AI isn’t just a product; it’s a personal mission to harness AI for creating a world that’s accessible to all.

Start?Zuschuss! Förderungsberatung

The AI grant advisor was specifically developed to assist startups in successfully applying for grants under the “Start?Zuschuss!” program. Our own startup, Arana AI, has experienced a successful application process in the Start?Zuschuss! program thanks to the AI assistant.

Ein junger Unternehmer arbeitet in einem modernen Startup-Büro an seinem Laptop mit sichtbaren Grafiken und einem erfolgreichen Förderantragsformular auf dem Bildschirm. Im Hintergrund ist das lebendige Büroumfeld mit dem korrekt geschriebenen 'Start?Zuschuss!' Logo auf einem Poster zu sehen.

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  • Next level AI tools.
  • Developed for the blind and visually impaired.
  • Completely accessible.